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I’ve taken some time with the development of this new web site, in the main until I found someone with the skills to do what I needed, but most importantly someone who gave my images pride of place. You would think on a web site devoted to photographs that the image would be all, but some developers are more about the bells & whistles than about showing the work at its best. This is why I chose Nikhil Kale of Akasha Creative to produce this site for me, from day one, it was evident that he loved my work & wanted to work with me to display it at its best.
So thanks Nik, I love your work to my friend.

The necessity for a new web site became apparent when my previous site was hacked, I’m told the attack came from somewhere in China. Why someone with too much time on their hands would want to damage someone’s business is beyond me, but damage my business it did. Since my previous rating on Google dropped dramatically & at one point my site was blocked & had to be taken down as there was so much “junk” inserted into the code by the hackers, that it was effecting others.
The previous good standing I had experienced on both Google & with Ad agencies, particularly in the Eastern states, suddenly stopped as my presence on the internet disappeared overnight. I had the site cleaned up and reloaded, but the damage was done.

With this new and far prettier site I hope to re-affirm my presence in the field of Commercial Photography, but have also taken the opportunity to develop something that I’ve wanted to do for some time; which is to establish an online sales area for the many images, particularly my landscapes, which I’ve produced over the years & continue to produce. So as you explore the site, which I hope you will do, you will find a shopping cart and purchasing facilities for the many images displayed on here. At this time I have chosen 3 print finishes in 3 sizes and across the 35mm and panoramic formats, this may be expanded if the need arises. If you do want a special size to fit a wall space or a special finish please make an enquiry.
My prices are not expensive, given that you won’t find my images on sale anywhere else but here. It has also been a while since my last exhibition, so the vast majority of my images have never been seen except perhaps on my Facebook posts, certainly not in print, so if you are looking to buy; you will likely have a 1st print.

As the saying goes, every picture tells a story and from time to time I hope to share some of the stories behind an images, I hope that this will be of interest to my readers. I’m no literary genius, just a photographer with something to say or share, so keep an eye on this my blog, as they say… watch this space.

So, welcome to my new web site. If you are not already following me on my business Facebook page, Bob Litchfield – Master Photographer, that is where you will find me on a day to day basis.





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